Attix5 service failing to start – Error 1067

Recently, one of our Attix5 Backup clients stopped backing up. Turns out the Attix5 Backup Professional SE service was stopped, and when started failed with “Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly”

We removed and tried reinstalling Attix5, but now the installation could not complete – as the last part of the installation is to start the services… which failed! Eventually found the issue to be with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). After removing and reinstalling JRE – Attix5 installed sucessfully.

As I had taken a copy of the complete “C:\Program Files\Attix5 Backup Professional SE” folder – the program launched exactly as it left off, and backups carried on as normal!

Unfortunately I never got to the bottom of what went wrong with Java JRE.

By Mik Canavan

I'm a tech obsessed and self-confessed geek. As the Technical Director at Fivenines UK, I'm lucky that I get to faf with gadgets, design websites and fix servers...

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Having the same issue, we always have it on clients. Not sure what is causing it.

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