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1and1 default Plesk partition – resizing guide

1and1 have been regularly criticized for their unusual partitions on default installations of their dedicated servers – but this is the first time I have been affected. One of our dedicated servers started producing Postfix SMTP errors – caused by low disk space.

Upon investigation, the default partitions on my 1&1 Plesk 10.4 server came set at 4Gb, and my ‘var’ partition was full. The used space is all genuine files, so my only option was to increase the partition. On Windows this is quite a complex procedure, requiring additional applications – however following a simple guide made this a 5 minute procedure. Here are the steps that I took

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Plesk API vulnerability – allow anonymous hacker

Great… Nice start to the day, received an email from Parallels regarding a vulnerability within all Plesk Panel versions below 10.4 which allow anonymous access to the server!

In a nutshell – if your server is running below 10.4 – you are at risk and MUST update. I have 3 Plesk servers, 10.4 / 9.5.4 / 8.6.0 – so I was able to carry out the “Micro updates” (MU), versions other than this required a manual patch (unless you opt to go upto the highest subversion to get the MU).

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Plesk server – ‘www’ prefix not working

If you didn’t add the ‘www’ prefix at the time of setting up the domain, even adding it back in later doesn’t seem to work. This fault seems to be present within all current versions of Plesk up to my current version v9.2

To work around this problem, firstly – turn on the ‘www’ prefix again within the Plesk control panel.

Domains > > Modify > WWW Prefix – Tick this box

The www prefix will still not work… to correct this, we need to re-build the Apache config after turning it back on:

/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng -v -a