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SBSBIOSLock error when installing SBS on HP ML110 G6

SBSBIOSLOCK on ML110When installing Small Business Server 2008 R2 on a brand new HP Proliant ML110 G6, we kept getting the following error when trying to boot from the HP Quickstart Installation CD. It could not progress any further :


could not find the media

It turns out to be related to the fact that when you enable RAID mode on the SATA controller, the SATA DVD isn’t happy – and although will recognise as a boot device and start booting from CD, will not allow you to progress.

The simple work around was to install using a USB DVD drive, which worked fine – but I would love to know if anyone has a reason why the HP BIOS check cannot function correctly whilst SATA mode is set to RAID. Leave me a comment below.

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If you don’t have an external USB DVD then:

Run “Easy Setup DVD”
Follow the process through, -it will crash and reboot.
Leave the 2008 disk in the drive but boot from the HDD. It will attempt to restart the installation and fail on a load of unattended errors.
Click okay takes you to a command prompt.
Type D:\
Type WS2008_setup.exe

I have also seen this problem on an ML350 when installing SBS2011

The problem is caused by the blue ports on the motherboard becomming part of the RAID system when RAID is enabled. Therefore as the drivers arn’t inclluded in the base operating system the CD ROM gets unloaded at the start of the installation. The Easy setup method above basically installs the correct drivers for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

ML110 G7 here configured for RAID 1. First install failed, second install failed. Both times, SBS was working as a server but with several components missing. I then read this post and tried to install without RAID with success. Seeing that I immediately tried a fourth time with RAID 1 using a USB DVD drive with success!!

Exchange did not install, however, but the actuall SBS installation completed without failing or giving the message that SBS itself failed.

This post was is what saved me!

Glad it helped Warren.

With regard to installation failures, a tip would be; ensure that you are plugged into a live Internet connection (with DHCP) and choose YES to check for updates within the HP installation wizard. We have found that this fixed the strange installation errors which were cropping up on a fresh install on a new box!

We had the same problem on a ML 110 G7. We found a third solution:
_ Connect to the ILO web utility on your server from a PC equipped with a DVD drive
_ Put the windows installation DVD into the DVD drive of the PC
_ Use the ILO virtual console ; mount the drive of your PC and choose boot from DVD in the boot menu.
Warning: you must be fast, because without ILO license, the utility displays a message after some minutes, but the connexion with the PC DVD player gone work. Do not click OK on the message until the installation is completed to avoid cutting the mapping of the DVD player.
Sorry for the translation, my English is bad.

Thanx Pierre for the tip

Your tip worked a treat. I wasn’t fast enough to get all done in time, and once the message about the license poped up, the virtual DVD got disconnected, but i managed to get a trial version of the iLO and finish the setup with success.

Thanx again

Still the same issue on 310e G8 – lets face fact they won’t fix it but your work around is cheap and easy to do. Thanks for the help

ProLiant DL360e Gen8 & HP Smart Array P420 Controller with Small Business Server 2011 and this happened also to me. Plugged in a USB DVD-ROM and this sorted the problem and installation worked successfully.

Same problem on a G8. Used the external and worked like a charm. Thus is a bs problem that hp should have had fixed long ago.

i have also the same problem installing 2008 r2 os on ml 310 e gen 8 then error occuring on screen bioslock-x64_2011

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