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Cisco IOS deleted by mistake? Recovery guide

It happens… You are updating the IOS firmware on your Cisco device, and you get distracted. You deleted the old firmware to make space for the new, started the TFTP transfer, and somewhere in the 10 minute wait – you get distracted and something goes wrong. You’ll end up with a Cisco (877 router in my case) which is now in recovery mode – displaying ‘rommon’

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Out of Office replies from Distribution Groups

Need to have Out-of-Office responses sent if one of the members of the Distribution Groups is OoO? By default – if an email is sent to a disribution group, and even if that group only contains 1 member who sets OoO to ON – a automatic response will not be sent.


Attix5 service failing to start – Error 1067

Recently, one of our Attix5 Backup clients stopped backing up. Turns out the Attix5 Backup Professional SE service was stopped, and when started failed with “Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly”